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The Top 5 Alternative Transportation methods

The next time you think of picking up your car keys and heading to your car, for a fancy garden party, a trip to the mall or even for work, just think about the different ways you can limit the use of your car by using alternative transportation and help save the environment. Additionally, you will live healthier and save a lot on your expenses.

Here are the top 5 alternative methods of transportation:


The number of trips you’ve taken to the nearest grocery store in your car could have easily been covered by walking. Many times getting into a car is seen as an easy way out and this makes us lazier and dependent on it.

Walking lowers the use of a car which in turn lowers the emissions of greenhouse gases and which helps save our already perishing planet. Walking benefits just don’t stop there. It also helps keep your body fit and lowers blood pressure. Moreover, breathing in the fresh air will life your spirits up and overall, keeps you happy and in a better mood!


Sometimes walking will not be easy, perhaps because the destination is far, or you are running fashionably late. In this case, biking is the faster way out and a better alternative than a car. Bikes are easier and cheaper to maintain and clearly a two-wheeler will let you wheel in extreme traffic situations. Essentially, biking is 50 times more efficient than driving and is a great work out for those who want to work out but have no time.


Public transportation has its own charm. You get to meet different people every day and just space out until you arrive to your destination. Additionally, a bus is still an attractive alternative to a car, when the destination is too far to walk or bike. Buses use less fuel per passenger and reduce the number of vehicles on the road. Nowadays, many cities have specific bus lanes that make it faster to get to your destination.


If walking, biking and public transport are not the best options to get to a place then the alternative is carpooling. It’s quite simple; all you have to do is find someone who has a similar commute to yours and travel with them. Besides, it’s an effective way to cut down on expenses and enjoy the do-good feeling of helping the environment.

Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Last but not the least, if nothing in the above list works for you; look into alternative fuel vehicles (AFV). This will give you the convenience of using your own car but these run on fuel other than petroleum. Furthermore, CNG vehicles are one such alternative which produce less pollution and vehicles with hydrogen –powered fuel cell will avoid causing pollution all together.